In the wake of tragedy, Kelly’s shepherd life is shattered, with the broken remains tossed into a perilous world of danger, magic, and the answer to one terrible riddle:  When dreams become reality, do you dare face your nightmares? 

As an uneasy friendship forms between he and Raphim knight, Edmund Cade, the two begin to unravel both the threads of an ancient power sleeping in their land and a perilous power beginning to awaken within the boy himself.  

But evil follows in ruthless pursuit, as a common shepherd boy now faces both the threat of enemies and the audience of kings.   Could Cade be withholding a dark secret?   

Dreamer is a fantasy fiction novel that invites teens and adults into a dangerous realm rich with poetry and adventure.  Join Kelly and Edmund on their quest to discover the truth behind a prophecy that has lain shrouded in the past for centuries.  But if they fail, prevailing shadow may forever break and swallow the light to the ruin of all.  

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