Sincerely, MJ:  

The blog, the poetry, the stories: most days it's a scattered heap of rumpled grace, but if you're looking for storytelling, something to read, or maybe just an honest place to sit and rest a spell, you're always welcome here. 

To learn more about my books and writing, you can explore this blog. 

If you're a fellow wordsmith or artist in need of editing or a coffee house buddy go ahead and contact me or my friends over at RAD Writing.  Additionally, you can head over to MJ's Mountain on Facebook.  

I'm all about horses, hot tea, and October in the mountains. Soli Deo Gloria!

What is Elanor and Evermind

Storytellers and storylovers, this blog was created to offer poetry, prose, and non-fiction devotionals specifically with fellow writers and artists in mind. For all who crave the music of the written word, may this encourage as well as challenge and maybe bring a smile or two.  You'll also find information about ongoing projects and more about my published works.   


M.J. Neal is a Tolkien inspired author  humorously reported to be found in Rohan.  She was a horse professional for several years while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Creative Writing and crafting the first few drafts of her debut novel, Dreamer.      

Three of her non-fiction works may be found in the anthologies Transformed, Echoes of Mercy, and Fresh Wind by CLASS Seminars.  She is an affiliated artist of RAD Writing, and several pieces of poetry and prose can be found in the literary magazine, Mavguard Magazine.

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