Friday, July 11, 2014

Atlas Speaks

“God of life, with care you designed creation, called it good and whole
Wounded now it looks to the risen savior to redeem it all
You have heard the groans of nature as it calls for you
Praise and honor to the God who’s making all things new.”  ("Matchless God," Grace Long Beach)

Atlas Speaks

I have born so many faces
I have died and lived again
Past the edges of half-known worlds
Crowd of masks on a subway train

My feet leave furrows of deepness
As I walk this earthly track
I am stooped and bowed with the woes of all,
I bear the world upon my back.

The tear of the orphaned child,
The heart that pools with rain,
The boots and guns that go to war,
Souls of the lost, a haunted refrain. 

 Yet the heart-song of this Earth,
The language of the Fall,
Compels me to tell the Story of Love,
At Calvary’s hill to fulfill the Call.

You will not see my burden,
Yet still the weight remains,
Ever my soul is broken inside
The linen of Truth, so marred and stained. 

I yearn for mercy and justice,
I strain against the shadow’s shrieks
Hear my cry, oh Children of Men,
Listen, as Atlas speaks!

The dry land of my heart,
Split open, yawning wide
Is filled with rain, this thirsty ground,
Overflows with compassion’s tide.

On bended knee this cup I lift,
Water of life, yet dripping red
Flows from wineskins, whole and hale,
To right the wrong, restore the dead. 

Knuckles whitened to fleshly pearls,
I am bent beneath the terrestrial ball,
One arm to grasp this broken earth,
The other to offer both cup and call

 Yet hope remains, for the tomb was bare,
Look not for the living among the dead.
A foretaste of the Grave's defeat,
Light of the world, now dwelling in men.  

Sons of Adam, Men of the Truth,
To arms, draw swords, for darkness weighs
Heavy the chains that bind lost souls
Your strength is needed, lead the way

Daughters of Eve, Bearers of Light,  
With wisdom beauty, courage and grace,
Lend your aid, irreplaceable might
To confound the shadows that prowl this place

Hear the prophet, his words shall end
For time flies on, pacing fast. 
Do justice, speak mercy, and pour out your love,
Upon the world, while it lasts. 

My limbs begin to tremble,
My back, a vein of aching fire
Yet the sweat upon my brow is kissed,
By songs of life to lift me higher.  

I crane my neck towards Judgment Day
My load to bear until all is healed
Wrongs made right, no death in sight,
All things made new, forever sealed. 

Extend your cup to the least of these
Pour forth life, Love’s banner unfurled
Here I remain for a little while

I am Atlas.  I bear the world.  

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