Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Rode My Horse to Heaven

     Hippotherapy.  When I mention where I work, I'm occasionally met with a few blank stares, a polite nod or two, but more often than not it is an incredulous look and an exclamation of, "you do therapy for hippos?" or "you do therapy on horses?"  Neither, of course, is the correct answer, but it's a very small field to be sure.

     "The Barn," where I work, is a special form of pediatric therapy that is administered to handicapped and disabled children.  The neat thing about it, though, is that we do most of it on horseback.  It would take far too much time to go into all the details surrounding it (I'll save that for a later post).  Suffice it to say that it is indeed a clinically sound practice, and that I am a horse handler.

    Why am I telling you all of this information?  Well recently we, at The Barn, were very saddened to hear that one of our little "Angel Girls," or girls with Down's Syndrome, had suddenly passed away following a complication after a heart procedure.  Naturally, this got me thinking deeply, especially considering the recent passing of my great-grandmother, who, by the way, is currently filling the Heavenlies with her jazz music.  Also, my younger sister, whom I will call Angel, has lived with Down's Syndrome her entire life.  

   I'm afraid that I don't have anything terribly profound to conclude or say in this post.  I simply wanted to share a poem with you that I madly scrawled out in response to the news of our Angel Girl.  The King alone knows why this precious one was called home, but I rejoice that she dwells in the land where there are no more tears.

   On a final note, the horse that the little girl used to ride at The Barn was put down due to liver complications about two weeks ago.  I'm not one who necessarily believes that animals have souls.  But I still possess a vague feeling deep down inside that the glories of heaven are vastly more splendid and lovely than any we have seen through a glass darkly, and that my God is a God who delights to give good gifts to his children.  Therefore, it warms my heart, even if it may not be precisely true, to think of this little child galloping through the meadows of heaven on the back of a painted mare, the horse who carried her broken body through its earthly trials and who now continues to carry her in joyous perfection.
What do you think?

I Rode My Horse to Heaven

 I rode my horse to heaven,
On the day that I went home.
In the blink of an eye
A star from the sky
Such beauty was I shown.

My family held me tightly
In the arms of Love I lay
But then she came
My sweet mare tame
And then, I slipped away

I rode my horse to heaven
Her copper coat with clouds of white
Led the way
To eternal day
Where there could be no dark or night


Beyond the gates of pearl-kissed gold
Past the canopy of boundless space
What filled my sight
Was endless light
And visions of matchless grace

I rode my horse to heaven
‘Round me rose the angels’ song
Splendor to see
Across a crystal sea
For this, men’s hearts must long

We pranced through fields of flowers
The breath of a rainbow’s dance
No grieving tears
Nor crippling fears
Just the joy of the Great Romance


I rode my horse to heaven
At last, I was at home
With loving care
That gentle mare
She led me to the Throne

 Oh how I’d longed to meet Him
To dance and finally see
My Father’s hand
In the heavenly land
Which gave that horse to me

I fell into His loving arms
His voice, the rising sun
He held me tight
So strong yet light
Welcome home, my precious one

I rode my horse to heaven
I danced with the king of kings
Forever healed
In glory sealed
I flew on snow-white wings

My daddy was my hero
Please tell him that for me
I love him so
Oh, let him know
I am safe and full of glee

Please tell mommy that I love her
That now I dance and soar
And oh, what delight
In His healing light
I don’t have Downs anymore!

You gave me love, gave me life
You named me blessing, saw my light
I love you so
One day you will know
Why He called me from your side

I rode my horse to heaven
No sickness, strife, or pain
I'll wait here
Until the time is near
And then we will meet again

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